Interview with Manuel Legree

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Q:As a brilliant ballet dancer yourself, you have danced this version of Don Quixote before. Can you share with us some feelings and experiences when you were dancing this piece?


M:Just for me to inform that, this ballet maybe the one I dance almost every part in the ballet. So when I joined the company in the 80th, I was in a fisherman, a Gypsy, matador, all this. So I did everything until Basilio. And also Nureyev taught me this personally, the whole of Basilio, he taught me himself. And I did my premier in Milan in Teatro alla Scala when I was 20 years old. I was really a baby, like a young, younger star. So this is the ballet I really dance for more than 25 years, everything in this ballet. So this is the start of the story. And I am so very happy to have the chance for coming to China to teach ballet national, because for me it is something I know very well. So it’s good for me to come and to teach something that I really want to transmission to the theatre.


Q:Have you dance other versions of Don Quixote before? Or just this one?If you have danced many versions, why do you feel that the version of Nureyev stands up?


M:I dance only Nureyev’s version, only this one. I dance everywhere but only this version. But I know some of the Baryshnikov’s version; I saw some version at the National ballet, in the Stuttgart. But I think the one from Nureyev is very special, because it is like a mystery of life. They do, they tell this story very good. The way they tell the story is funny. So it is lot of acting, a lot of dancing, and also the original of this ballet was very good. So all the set, musical choreography fits together. So it is really an ideal version for me.


Q:You have been working with our company for quite a few years. And this time after you came back, you have already worked with dancer for a few days, how do you fell about our dancers nowadays, their current conditions?


M:For me, it is a…Just for the story, I working now with Johnny, the ballet master you (invited). And you know I met him in (19)84 in Japan where (there was) a competition. Yesterday we were talking together. And I said at that time, when I came and saw the competition in Japan, and when I come back to Paris,they said: “Oh, you were with a lot of Russian dancers. That was good.” And I said: “but you know, the best were the Chinese.” So for me, Chinese dancers are really on the top of classic ballet, really good. Because they have the ability to do it, nice body, they are also clever, they understand, and they are performer, so they fight for this. I saw a new generation of dancers. And what I saw now is a team grow, you know (the team is) getting better and better. They are very strong, then they can be very fast, and also what I can say, saw these prima ballerina with Zhu Yan, Zhang Jian, and Qimin, they are so amazing, these girls, they are really for me it is like this term for prima ballerina, really amazing. So in the world, in the ballet world, they are really something special, Chinese dancers are very good, and this company they can really do a lot, lot, lot of things.





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