Opening Gala of 1st China International Ballet Season Staged at Beijing Tianqiao Theatre

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Hosted by The National Ballet of China and adhering to the concept of communication, fusion, share and innovation, 1st China International Ballet Gala began with its opening gala at Beijing Tianqiao Theatre on 1 November, 2013.

Opening Gala of 1st China International Ballet Season invited lots of well-known ballet dancers from The National Ballet of China, Bolshoi Theatre of Russia, Opéra de Paris, Stuttgart Ballet, Birmingham Ballet, The Australian Ballet, San Francisco Ballet, Hongkong Ballet to join this great event.

The ballet season lasts two months, which starts on 31 October and ends on the end of December. 8 ballet companies at home and lots of first-class ballet companies abroad will stage 14 programs and over 30 performances altogether during the season.

2013 is also the 6oth anniversary of the establishment of Beijing Tianqiao Theatre.





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